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Highway Wall Updates

We appreciate community feedback regarding walls being constructed as part of the Pyramid Highway project.
These screening and sound walls, reflecting Pyramid Lake’s rich biodiversity, are part of roadside landscaping and aesthetics which can reduce roadway noise, dust, and erosion, enhancing the environment and highlighting the community’s natural history.

Upcoming construction, including painting and aesthetic rocks, will help enhance the roadside aesthetic.

An unintended error in landscaping design led to wave designs on the roadside walls proceeding up in elevation instead of downhill. This was not discovered until construction began.

Replacing the walls would delay roadway paving and extend construction-related traffic impacts for many additional months- and could cost approximately $1.8 million. To maintain budget and schedule, the project team decided to proceed with the existing panels, incorporating periodic wave breaks as a design adjustment.

All design elements remain the same, and the sound walls will function exactly as originally intended to reduce highway noise impacts on adjoining neighborhoods.

We know that roadside aesthetics are an important part of our Nevada communities, and we want to provide aesthetics that Spanish Springs can be proud of.

NDOT designed several options to enhance and blend aesthetics where the wave currently breaks in the pattern. These options range in cost from $300,000 to $400,000, a more cost-effective option than replacing the walls. Another option is to leave the walls as is, once painted and enhanced with aesthetic rocks. NDOT collected community feedback about the designs in June.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the public input form and share your feedback on the highway wall design concepts. The input form is now closed. The project team is currently reviewing and evaluating your input. In August, we will provide updates about the highway wall designs on this webpage and via email to those who have subscribed. If you would like to receive email updates, please sign up on the homepage of

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