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New Traffic Shift and Increased Construction Activity Underway

Now through December 2024, both directions of traffic are shifted to the west side of Pyramid Highway between Queen Way and Los Altos Parkway. Crews are conducting earthwork on the east side of the highway in preparation for roadway widening.

During this time, travelers can expect the following:

  • Reduced width of lanes

  • Designated pedestrian/bicycle route located on the west side of highway between Queen Way and Disc Drive *Walking/riding through the active construction area outside of this designated ped/bike route is prohibited*

  • Haul trucks entering the work area at Farr Lane and exiting at Disc Drive or Los Altos Parkway

  • NB Queen Way on-ramp closed through December 2024

  • Periodic single lane nightly closures on Pyramid Highway

  • Periodic overnight single lane closures on cross streets, such as Disc Drive and Los Altos Parkway

  • No access to BLM recreation area from Pyramid Highway during construction

  • 45MPH speed limit through the entire work zone

Normal working hours are Mondays - Fridays, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To reduce impact to daytime commute traffic, all lanes will remain open during the day; however, NB Pyramid Highway traffic will begin merging from three to two lanes prior to Queen Way. While the majority of delays will be brief, drivers can anticipate travel delays of up to 30 minutes.

As construction activity increases, help us keep everyone safe.

Obey construction signs and speed limits, use the designated detours, and always be alert. Thank you for your patience!


Pedestrian & Bicycle Route

Queen Way to Disc Drive:

A designated and protected ped/bike path has been created for commuters to safely travel through the work zone between Queen Way and Disc Drive. The path is located on the west side of the highway and is paved the entire length.

Disc Drive to Los Altos Parkway:

Pedestrian and bike traffic must detour via Galleria Parkway. Heavy construction traffic and merging vehicles from the shopping center make it unsafe to walk/bike along Pyramid Highway in this area.

North of Los Altos Parkway:

There is no dedicated pedestrian/bicycle route. It is dangerous and not recommended to walk or bike in the area during construction. Use caution.

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